Small Groups

Cell groups
Men and ladies are divided into small groups, so that everyone can get involved in learning God's Word. This also gives us the opportunity to build relationships, and for the group to grow together spiritually.

Discipleship / Membership Group
This meeting is held once a week to teach about day-to-day Biblical issues, and the foundations of Christianity. This helps individuals to get a taste of the cell group activities. For those who desire to join TVF, these group meetings wil help you to learn more about TVF.

Men's Fellowship
For men of all ages activities include; 5-aside football, ten pin bowling, men's conferences, occasional breakfast meetings, times of fellowship with snacks or meals and indoor games at the TVF games room.

Ladies Fellowship
Meeting activities include; evening outings to restaurants, quiz nights, film evenings, theatre visits, barbecue afternoons, indoor games, fellowship times with snacks or meals and ladies conferences.

Senior Citizens
The senior citizens fellowship group meets regularly in the day time and enjoys a strong fellowship from which many wonderful testimonies have come.